TELCO companies have acquired a fundamental role in the development of society and nowadays, since everything is connected 24/24. In Italy, in 2014 only, smartphones sold are 25millions and 52% of population use a sim card in a smartphone to surf the web, post on social networks and buy online, message using different apps, and so on. By now, subscriptions for ADSL, Optic Fiber, Mobile Wifi and SIM purchase are copious thanks to the high competitive TELCO market.

At the same time these telco companies are victims of specialised fraudsters that operate in this industry. There are different kinds of frauds that affect TELCO companies, such as:

  1. Roaming Fraud 
  2. Premium Rate Service Fraud 
  3. Abuse or Arbitrage Fraud 
  4. International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF)
  5. Domestic Revenue Share Fraud (DRSF) 
  6. Call and SMS Spamming 
  7. Subscription Fraud 
  8. Wangiri Fraud 
  9. SMS Phishing/Pharming 
  10. (V)PBX Fraud 

The whole communications industry is actually losing $46.3 billion per year from fraud, increasing at a rate of 15% from 2011.

Since TELCO companies have to deal with millions subscribers they have to use solid and effective fraud prevention systems as Unfraud, able to recognise in real time the purchase behaviour of the user. This system, based on Artificial Intelligence, tracks the entire purchasing process automatically discovering the behavioural patterns of fraudsters, and learning from new type of frauds as long as they appear.

Since 2015, Telecom Italia has decided to entrust UnFraud, becoming the main partner and enterprise customer of UnFraud.