Unfraud is offering a new methodology based on AI & Big Data enabling companies to analyse, identify and get rid of patterns of fraudulent activity hidden within their enterprise data.

Unfraud enables your business to safely accept all genuine transactions without reducing customer’s user experience and allowing your company to expand in new digital emerging markets mitigating risks.

Our Unfraud Security Platform is composed by different tools, and you can choose only the ones that fit your needs.


  • Saas

    Deploy Unfraud in a few hours through the Software-as-a-Service option.

  • On-Premise

    Deploy Unfraud through On-Premise option within your data center.


The Unfraud Security Platform is powered by


Our Artificial Intelligent core (Tomoko®) is built with Deep Learning technology, which is designed similarly to biological neurological structures. AI is not manually designed for a specific task; instead it learns by itself from existing data. Mimicking of biological brains makes this approach’s performances unreachable by previous methods.

This means that data is not a limitation: Tomoko® is capable of analyzing any kind of record layout and data types ranging from numbers to unstructured texts, and without any preceding set-up. This, along with the limitless learning capability of AI, makes it suitable for defense against many different threats, like and not limited to:

  • Frauds (e.g. transaction monitoring, card-not-present, subscription, loan banking, wire transfers, …)
  • Scams (e.g. insertion sites, social networks, lie detection, …)
  • Money laundering schemes
  • Account abuse and fake account creation
  • PBX and VoIP frauds, TCP monitoring, penetration testing
  • Business logic abuse
  • SCAM (e.g. prevention for classified advertisements website, rental, ticketing scalping, …)

Deep Learning techniques push the capability of AI to limits unimaginable just a couple years ago (e.g. face recognition, automated speech, self-driving cars, even painting in style of famous painters), thus allowing for a very high fraud detection accuracy and very low false positive rates.

What does it mean:

You'll analyze tons of data without effort: the fraudulent patterns will be automatically discovered by the AI, thus the process is completely effortless, so that instead of wasting time trying to figure out how fraudsters operate you can stay protected and concentrate on what’s more important: your business and customers.


Talking about data, and more specifically about Big Data, there is a lot of information that is hidden within the data themselves, or that can be collected through external sources. With our Data Augmentation tool (Augusta®) that hidden information can be used to enrich the original data, thus “augmenting” it.

What does it mean:

For example an e-mail address is not only an address, but there are more informations in it:

  • What’s the domain extension? Where is it from?
  • What is the provider? Are fraudsters usually using it for fake e-mails?
  • How about the header? What patterns are in it? Are those used by young or adults? Are those used with a specific language? What part of the keyboard has been used: fast close letters or letters compatible with naming in the domain area? Is it like that of a random generator? What are the alternations between consonants, vowels, numbers, punctuation? And so forth...


More important than the data originating from an event or a transaction is the behavior about the user behind it. Was it erratic, secure, slow, normal, or even too fast to be human - maybe a bot? Also, and similarly important, what is the electronic device that was used to make that transaction? Our BeA® (Behavior Analytics) answers all these questions, returning tens of data points that give insights about the user behaviors on your website.

What does it mean:

You’ll get the device fingerprinting of the user with information like:

  • Device type and model
  • Operating System (OS) type and version
  • Other informations like screen resolution and keyboard language

You’ll also get user behavior informations like:

  • Time spent on the site
  • Webpages path before buying or triggering an event

This can be used also for Business Intelligence tasks for example: “What’s the most common smartphone model and age for customers that buy product X”?


We offer our DaViDa® (Data Visualization Dashboard) to have a full view over your business: not only every single fraud is listed, but also all legitimate events. DaViDa starts from an eagle view of your business with a “lifetime” time-series, going to weekly or monthly time-series reports that can be customized to the desired time period, to single users and transactions, even reaching to the map with localization of single event data points (e.g. shipping address, billing address, IP address).

It has filtering capabilities to search frauds, safe transactions or specific data points, as long as single-clic sections to easily customize the AI behavior to your needs.

What does it mean:

With our top designed visualization tool you will have full overview not only on the fraud plagued events, but also on your whole business: take advantage of fully customizable time-series (up to the desired beginner day of the sales week) and event-wise search and listing to aid your Business Intelligence (BI) operations.


The Deep Web and Dark Web are places for high anonymity and, as notorious as it is, for illicit practices such as buying/selling stolen financial or identity informations. A customer or visitor using or coming out from an anonymous network entry point (such as a TOR node) should be monitored; although he/she could be an advanced web user which craves for anonymity, chances are high that it is not so and instead it is a fraudster, or a hacker with malicious intents.

Our DaWSko® (Dark Web Scout) is a tool that monitors, for every single visitor, if he/she is using and reaching to you from the Deep or the Dark Web or a similar anonymous network.

What does it mean:

How do you feel about someone that enters into your house through the window? It may be your fun-hearted neighbor, but very likely it is not. DaWSko® tells you which visitors and customers are coming from suspicious places.

Some features of our Unfraud Security Platform:


Integration is done with our APIs or, if you are a merchant, through plug-ins for the most common CMSs like Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart.

What does it mean:

The integration is easy and very fast: in just a few hours the system will be up and running. Even faster with plug-in: just install it and you are set to go.


We want our system to be immediate and we don’t want any unnecessary complication to your side. For every event or transaction, the Unfraud Security Platforms returns a very compact set of information which is immediate and precise, but also contains the tools to perfectly tune your security level. Our response contains:

  • A label: “safe” or “fraud”
  • A confidence level between 0 and 100%

Although very simple it is also very powerful: you can easily set intervals of confidence where you want to reject, accept, or even review orders.

What does it mean:

We do not block transactions, ever: we simply return an alert and a confidence level that is immediate to read but also gives you full power to tune the protection level to your needs.


Our response is immediate, and it is delivered in less than a second.

What does it mean:

That you have the control to stop a fraud even before the monetary transaction has even begun: this will save you from chargebacks, apart, obviously, from the fraud itself.


We are completely invisible to your customers: their user experience will not change by a bit after our system has been installed.

What does it mean:

The user experience of your customers is unchanged: we do not add multiple and tedious passwords or other similar intermediate steps.

  • Fraud Prevention
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Business Intelligence