Online Gambling

Online gambling industry comprehends betting, slot machines, online poker rooms and other games. It is one of the most profitable industry for the Italian economy, with 90 billions of revenues (in uptrend) and accounts for about 5% of Italian PIL, bringing to Italian treasury 8 billion euros a year. Italians are a gambling addicted population. SNAI is the biggest player, and, along with Lottomatica, dominates the market.

Countries where is mainly diffused online gambling are:

- Australia

- China

- Singapore

- New Zeland

- United States

- Italy

- Ireland

It is an attractive market for criminal organisations both for defraud market players and for money laundering. In this scenario it is really important to invest in fraud prevention systems and fraud detection, to be fully protected by criminal cyber attacks.

In this world most of the attacks come from the so called “tournament game platforms”, using specific fraud techniques:

- Collusion – consists in two or more players at the same table that collaborate cheating regular players and the dealer.

- Chip dumping – consists in two players, the dumper (the one that loses) and the receiver (the one that wins). These players collaborate swapping one with another the chips, and accumulating funds to play in other tables.

Another common fraud is when a fraudster opens a new account using fake documents and information, to deposit money with stolen or skimmed cards. Objective of the player is to lose as most is possible, and as fast is possible, in favour of another player in the same table (receiver) who then withdrawals money legally.

Gambling is the forth industry with the highest fraud chargeback rates.

For all this reasons, it is really important to have a prevention system such as Unfraud. This system is able, through Behavioural Analytics (Unfraud BeA), to recognise single and collective players behaviours. In addiction it learns from new frauds, at the same time as they appear.

Online gambling industry is high competitive and Unfraud offers tailored solutions for every company.