Each Marketplace (B2C or B2B) has two kinds of customers: the user that buys the good/service, and the supplier of the good/service. To properly manage a successful marketplace is necessary to have thorough relationship both with suppliers and final users.

Frauds to marketplaces are frequent from both counterparts: Fake Profile Fraud, selling buyers something they’ll never receive; Fake Buyer and Seller Closed Loop Account Fraud, they carry out a transaction for a non-existent item, using a stolen credit card. In these and other types of cheating it is the marketplace that have to pay.

In this complex scenario it is fundamental, for the success of the business, to ensure both parties form the risk of fraud: their identity, the transactions and so on, otherwise it could mine trust of both customers and suppliers.

It is not a cost to have a fraud prevention system in such a competitive market, it is an investment for the future profitability of the online business. Lower administration costs for manual revision of orders and the possibility to make chargeback procedures faster can give a competitive advantage to your business in terms of time usage and operational effectiveness.

This is why UnFraud created a product dedicated and personalized for all needs of a marketplace, by guaranteeing transactions and preventing frauds. The system verifies suppliers and user’s identity avoiding high credit risk deals before the payment is completed. Based on Artificial Intelligence, it automatically discovers behaviour patterns of fraudsters and it will continue learning and adapting to new frauds as long as they appear. Plus, UnFraud DaViDa (Data Visualization Dashboard) makes it easy to have control on your business.

Make your marketplace safe with the easy to use and easy to integrate Unfraud solution.