Video and Music Streaming services such as Netflix, iTunes, Spotify are having an incredible success in last years, with millions of subscribers, making revolution a in the way of listening music or watching movies. If we consider Spotify, that reached an impressive number of subscribers (about 75 million users) and a market value of over 1 million euros, we can easily understand how this industry changed.

However even this industry is constantly under attack of online frauds. One of the typical frauds of this industry is the “click fraud”, a bot that imitate human online clicking on a webpage, exploiting a pay per click business model. It pretends to be an artist creating fake tracks. This is where it repeatedly listens to the track generating revenues with each click.

In other cases, since music-streaming accounts are linked to credit or debt cards, fraudsters in this industry usually buy and sell fake accounts with information, defrauding the industry player.

This industry’s frauds generate costs about $10 billion a year.

Unfraud and its specific Video and Music streaming solution are created to prevent this kind of online frauds. This system, through Artificial Intelligence, is able to analyse behavioural patterns, by identifying those that characterise fraudsters. In additions it constantly learns from new type of frauds as long as they appear.

Plus, you will get our control dashboard, UnFraud DaViDa (Data Visualization Dashboard) where it will be easy to have control on the business.