In recent years a large and increasing number of businesses moved from a single- to a multi-channel approach, offering customers the possibility to buy both through physical and online channel.

To have an e-commerce nowadays is quite complicated: it needs an online marketing penetration strategy, a good logistic, speed of response and lower expenses, being also fundamental to pay attention to the payment chain. Today companies accept credit and debit card or alternative e-payments and eWallet, through partnerships affecting the customer acquisition’s cost. 

Thanks to this features e-commerce is a global business that enable customer from all over the word to make purchase everywhere in the world: however the openness of the market has some risks. Frauds in this area are growing in parallel with the development of this industry reaching 2x the growing rate of the market.

Online fraudsters are professionals that study everyday how to break e-commerce protection systems.

Card not present Frauds, Subscription Fraud and Abuse of Account are three of the principal online attacks against companies, with many negative impacts other than money loss, such as in terms of brand reputation. 59% of the top sectors more often breached is represented by online retail.

For these reasons UnFraud created a fraud prevention system specific for e-commerce based on Artificial Intelligence, not using rules or blacklists to avoid excessive false positives or lost deals. With our system the behaviour patterns of fraudsters are automatically discovered by the AI, aiding the fraud analysts and massively dropping the number of manual reviews. Also, the system will continue learning and adapting to new frauds as long as they appear, se everything will be upgraded automatically, directly on cloud and so without maintenance.

You will get our control dashboard: UnFraud DaViDa (Data Visualization Dashboard) where it will be easy to have control on your business, revising orders from your e-commerce. With our Business Intelligence dashboard you will also be able to manually revise orders to have more information and as outcome you will accept more orders avoiding chargebacks.