Deep Learning for Real Time Fraud Prevention
  • Versatile

    Prevent any kind of fraud scheme; protect any kind of business model

  • Smart

    Our Deep Learning based AI adapts to new fraud patterns as soon as they arise.

  • Fast

    <p>Prevent potential frauds in less than a second: the real world needs real time</p>

  • Easy

    Implement through API or CMS plug-ins: simple and ready in a few hours

  • Effective

    Automate your risk management process, mitigate threats and respond to fraudster attacks

  • Data Visualization

    Support the fraud analyst investigation & monitoring space

The Unfraud Security Platform is designed to prevent and detect frauds in real time - even before the fraud even happens - helping to avoid losses and improve your customer’s trust.

Get the leading counter-fraud platform, fully adaptable to your business model. It collects, for each event, up to thousands of data points, with no fixed record layout: your data, your rules.

Choose only the Unfraud Security Platform features that you need:

  • Be protected by our fraud recognition core, Tomoko®, which is built with Deep Learning technologies, the most advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies available on the planet.
  • Find hidden patterns with Augusta®, our data augmentation tool, which discovers new meanings from within the data themselves and from the Internet (databases, social networks, et cetera): there’s more than meets the eye into your own data.
  • Gain maximum protection power with our BeA® (Behavior Analytics) a user behavioral analytics tool with full device fingerprinting capabilities: fraudster do not think like legitimate users, and so they do not behave like them.
  • Monitor your data on our DaViDa® (Data Visualization Dashboard) where you can get insights on frauds, but also on your business activity going from weekly/monthly time series, to users’ activity, to single events and transactions, and also where you can fully control the behavior of the AI core.
  • The Deep Web and the Dark Web are home of fraudsters and hackers; that’s why we developed DaWSko® (Dark Web Scout), a tool to inform you which customers come from the Deep or Dark Web (i.e. like from a TOR node) and thus may be malicious.

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